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Future Bubblers Demo Drop Off Boxes

June 23, 2015

We have officially launched our demo-drop-off boxes in our partner stores/set-ups in Manchester/Salford and Nottingham.

There are some great pictures of the boxes, including a nice snap of one in-situ at Rough Trade Nottingham.

The thought behind these demo-drop off boxes was to encourage dialogue about music in general, giving young music makers an incentive to go into the partner stores or organisations and start talking about their music and why they make it.

In Manchester Reform Radio are hosting one box. In Nottingham: Mimm / Rough Trade Nottingham / Elementz Studio / Russel Youth Centre are all housing boxes.

We’re also hoping to set off a genuine “WHAT.IS.THAT?” type response when people see them in-store, and open another channel of dialogue about the project.