MENU Future Bubblers // PRS Foundation Talent Development Partners

Future Bubblers // PRS Foundation Talent Development Partners

April 12, 2016

We are happy to announce that Future Bubblers are now Talent Development Partners as awarded by the PRS for Music Foundation. Securing PRSF Talent Development Partner funding will allow us to develop the project even further and help us provide more opportunities for artists and young music makers. It will help us fund the filming and production of live session videos in the form of Brownswood Basement Session performances for each of the Year 1 candidates to help propel their live career and potential. It will also help us deliver four of our “Collaboration” workshops with partner organisations across the country in partnership with Ableton. In tune with our pledge to remove all barriers possible to music creation and support, they will be offered out free of charge to young musicians who have previously been excluded from such opportunities. We’re very grateful we’ve been given the opportunity to expand the Future Bubblers project. You can have a watch of previous Brownswood basement sessions below.