MENU Future Bubblers: Year 1 Candidates and Mentors Have Arrived

Future Bubblers: Year 1 Candidates and Mentors Have Arrived

November 26, 2015

Year 1 Future Bubblers and their mentors have arrived!

Out of almost 300 applicants, we think we’ve selected a great team for the first year of the Future Bubblers project.


Yazmin Lacey

A beautifully gifted singer songwriter out of Nottingham

Mentor: Victoria Port

A production duo representing the bassier end with a distinct ‘UK’ vibe that draws on jazz, soul, hip hop and grime influences.

Mentor: Swindle

An incredibly talented Grime wordsmith.

Mentor: Sway

Three Body Trio
Free jazz meets electro from this brave musical trio out of Nottingham

Mentor: Simon Goffe

Kid Katharsis
A glitchy dream pop singer songwriter

Mentor: Rob G

A young beats driven producer

Mentor: Alex Patchwork

Representing the housi-er end of the spectrum for someone making music for such a short time, Alex shows lots of promise.

Mentor: Will LV

Thru Colours
Infusing the sounds of dancehall & dub with techno to create ‘dancehall techno’.

Mentor: Max Wheeler

Influenced by the Detroit techno world delivering innovative sounds through the prism of the UK underground.

Mentor: Alex Patchwork

The candidates will now receive a year of professional and creative support with their musical journey, tailored to the individual artist.

With their styles and influences spanning across the musical spectrum we’re excited to be working with such great talents and happy to welcome them all to the Future Bubblers family. Keep a ear-out for some exciting sounds to come.

Thank you to everybody who applied, we heard some great applications. The application process will open again next year, but until then you can keep up with all things Future Bubblers on our siteTwitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Photo Credit: Nina Manandhar