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Ghostpoet Remixes Metronomy

March 9, 2011

Metronomy music has a magical ring to it. The kind of tune you’ll hum along to in the shower,  have a quick boogey then spontaneously dress up in colorful 80’s electro-dance attire. Not only does this lot have the fun factor, their distinctive vocals, arranged guitar chords and neat kicks have allowed the likes of Diplo, Breakbot and Sinden to remix their material.

The latest of such rituals sees Brownswoods’ drowsy linguist Ghostpoet swap his distinctive flow for some sub woofer bassline production.  The catchy vocals from ‘The Look’ are sampled then syncopated to create an uncanny feel.  Credit goes to Ghostpoet for reconstructing a jumpy dance-pop track into one that’s ambient yet subconsciously rugged. The shuffling kicks and layered basslines will have you clicking replay instantly.

Metronomy- The Look

Metronomy- The Look (Ghostpoet remix)