MENU Gilles b2b Four Tet // NTS Radio Worldwide Festival Warm-Up

Gilles b2b Four Tet // NTS Radio Worldwide Festival Warm-Up

June 26, 2013

As part of it’s Summer Season broadcasts, Dalston radio station NTS has formulated a list of some of the biggest names in music to battle it out, back to back, live on radio. This week Gilles went head-to-head with Four Tet ahead of Worldwide Festival kicking off next week.


Jimmy Woods Sextet – Coming Home
Keith Jarret – Mortgage On My Soul (Wah-Wah)
Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
Cecilia – Dear Prudence
Rachel Sweet – It’s So Different Here
Samuel Jonathan Johnson – Sweet Love
Africasia – Ye-Me-Le (African Fantasy)
Rolf Kuhn – Casting Office
Bobby Hutcherson – Slow Change
Willie Wright – Right On For Darkness
The Heavenly Band – He Rose Up From The Ground
Truth & Devotion – I Must See My Lord
Al Green – Love Ritual (Bwana Mix)
Ron & Candy – Plastic Situation
Bob Pinodo – Africa
Les Amazones de Guiné – Samba
Jeri-Jeri – Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh
Andre Tanker – River Come Down
Andre Tanker – Lena
The Haitian Bells – Libete (Raul Guillaume)
Albert Ayler – Heart Love
Hannibal – RO
Gang Colours – Why Didn’t You Call feat. Lulu James
Salma – Ah Ya Zen
Lisandro Meza Y Su Conjunto – Shacalao
Marilene – Sinal Vermelho
Reginald Omas Mamode Ivth – Keep On Walking
William Adamson – Foggy Dew
Omar Souleyman – ? (Produced by Four Tet)
Charles Tyler/Ensemble – Voyage From Jericho