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July 16, 2008

Brownswood sent out an invite last week to beta test the Gilles Peterson album club and got loads of feedback. People generally seem to like the service which is good news innit! The main gripe it seems was that people don’t like having to run a programme constantly on their desktop, with some people even thinking if they downloaded it it would mash up their computers! So we promise this isn’t some elaborate virus scam. Anyway we agree – the programme can seem a bit intrusive at the moment, and have gone back to the techy dudes to see if they can make this a bit better (that was the idea of the beta test!!).

Also loads of people asking what the service is all about, and a few have asked what the relevance of such as service is in today’s world where there are a million different ways to get “tips” and recommendations. Well that is true, and no one is forcing anyone to adhere slavishly to what Gilles or anyone else thinks!! The unique thing about the service as we see it is it gives people a chance to really delve into the albums that Gilles is diggin, live with them, listen to them and grow to love or loathe them…Sure, if you are regular and religious listener to Gilles Petersons’s Worldwide then of course you don’t need the album club to tell you what Gilles’ favourite records are but perhaps you might like to try some of them in full before you buy (as Gilles’ will rarely play more than one track off a new album per show).

We are hoping that the service will really pick up so that people are getting new recommendations weekly, as well as really high quality video material, and general Gilles Peterson news, updates etc. As the site develops people should also be able to leave their own feedback / reviews of albums on the site. For a full explanation of what to expect from the programme you can click here

Anyway, if you fancy trying the service out you can download the programme here: Gilles Peterson Album Club

Don’t forget to let us know what you think – you can post your feedback here or email it to