MENU Gilles Peterson // Worldwide Awards 2015 // Introducing Anushka

Gilles Peterson // Worldwide Awards 2015 // Introducing Anushka

January 7, 2015

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Brighton-based duo Anushka consist of Max Wheeler on the production and Victoria Port delivering sweet soulful vocals to the mix, culminating in a classic British concoction of jazz-inflected heady dance floor thrills. While Victoria’s melodies bring the sweetness, the tracks have the low-end weight to please DJ mavens like Karizma and Brackles on Rinse and Moxie and Annie Mac on Radio 1.

Where in the world…

…are you now?

Victoria: In the gym in Hertfordshire
Max: In Brighton feeling pretty broken after our tour, in my studio playing with a new synthesiser.

…inspires you?

V: Dominica where my mum is from, it has a wildness about it that kinda fills me with fire.
M: I think travelling between places seems to inspire me. I always have my best ideas when I’ve just gotten home from somewhere. Think I like the sense of motion.

…have you done your best performance?

V: We had some great shows when we toured the Baltics, I think Riga is up there with our best show.
M: There’s been a lot of really fun ones. I remember Moscow being a really good show. I think the ones we’ve done with our backing vocalists have been great too, Worldwide in Sete & On Blackheath.

…has the best food?

V: Texas.. Need I say more!
M: For me Texas killed it. The pecasn Pie I had at SXSW was literally life changing. And the secret sauce at Chuy’s Tex mex.

…has the cutest boys / girls?

V: My boyfriend is half german so I’ll have to go with Germany. ( I’ll get in trouble otherwise)
M: My house. One of each.

…do you go to escape?

V: I’m in love with the Sussex downs, great spot to go for a walk and get lost for an afternoon
M: My studio, when it’s music i’m escaping from probably down to the beach to read the paper with a brew.

…do you most want to go?

V: Oooo that’s a hard one! Cuba or Japan. I think both spots have amazing culture I really want to just get out there and explore.
M: Feel like i’ve already ticked a few off my all time list but very, very hyped to visit Japan.

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