MENU Gilles Peterson // Worldwide Awards 2015 // Introducing Atjazz

Gilles Peterson // Worldwide Awards 2015 // Introducing Atjazz

December 27, 2014

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Martin Iveson is a British composer known for his audio work within the video games industry and better known for his contributions to the world of music releases.

Where in the world…

…are you now?
In the big D (Derby, UK) in my studio wrapping things up for the new year.

…inspires you?
Everything in my living space inspires me, fromthe sunrise to my Son singing songs to making coffee and so see smiles on people faces.

…have you done your best performance?
I would say one of my favourite was in a cool club in the hood in Pretoria SA. House 22, I couldn’t get through the crowd and when I eventually did, I couldn’t hear my tunes as everyone was screaming about the music so much!… Very surreal.

…has the best food?
Japan, hands down.

…has the cutest boys / girls?
My house has!

…do you go to escape?
I don’t get a lot of time to escape but when I do, I love holidays with my partner & son. Getting away from music is as exciting as coming back to it. :)

…do you most want to go?
I’ve never toured the United States so this is my next mountain to climb… Look out 2015 Im’a coming.

Lauguages… well, my limit is 7 basic ones… Including the well known country of the North East of England!

Hello (UK)
Bojour (France)
Hola (Spain)
Konnichiwa (Japan)
Sho (South Africa)
Guten Tag (Germany)
Al’reet (North East of England)

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