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Searching For The Perfect Show...

We're in the midst of an archiving frenzy so we're on the hunt for recordings of lost radio shows dating back as early as Gilles's Radio Invicta days when he was scrambling around on tower block roof tops with radio transmitters. There is nothing more that Gilles would love than recordings of his pirate shows (ohh and any old flyers!)

Accordingly we've set up a Tumblr page - Gilles Peterson's Lost Tapes Connection - where you can get involved and help us on our mission and also check out nuggets from days gone by...

The idea is to begin the process of creating a fully comprehensive archive of all of his work, like a journey in history, joining the dots from the lost recordings to the present day; compiling all the amazing music, sessions and interviews in a deep online archive.

Here’s what we’re really looking for:

The Holy Grail:

  • Civic Radio
  • Pirate days with Jez Nelson, Chris Philips and Kevin Beadle
  • Any of the first or last shows from any of the radio stations below
  • Any shows with Jalal of the Last Poets and/or Wayne Shorter.
  • Jazz FM (where Gilles got kicked off for his anti Gulf War comments!)

Gilles on the radio 1981-2012

  • Civic Radio 1981-1982
  • Radio Invicta 1982-1984
  • Horizon 1984-1985
  • Solar Radio 1985-1986
  • K Jazz 1986-1987
  • Radio London Mad on Jazz Show 1986 - 1989
  • Jazz FM 1990-1991
  • Kiss FM 1990-1998
  • Radio 1 1998- 2012

Get digging the search is on!

Please contact:

Go to the tumblr page
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  • It’s time to dig deep… the search is on. I’m on the hunt for recordings of my shows and sessions and would like YOUR help! Feel free to send your pictures, stories, memorabilia etc. I’m compiling an archive of all of my work, and I’m sure some of you have some weird and wonderful stuff from over the years that you could contribute to this new venture. I’m looking for digital files mostly, but if you have something extra special it would be great to hear from you, so hit me up with all you have.