MENU Gilles sets up the Steve Reid Foundation

Gilles sets up the Steve Reid Foundation

March 16, 2011

The Steve Reid Foundation has been set up by Gilles Peterson in memory of the drummer Steve Reid, who died in 2010. The aims of the foundation are to fundraise on behalf of struggling musicians in need of help and support.

Steve Reid was an amazing drummer with a long and illustrious history that stretched from working with James Brown, Miles Davis and Fela Kuti through to his own Steve Reid Trio and more recently working with Kieran Hebden (Four Tet). He died from throat cancer in the US in April 2010 without the money for treatment that could have saved his life.

As Gilles says: “This is something that is very close to me and that I feel strongly about, and wanted to set up something as a lasting legacy to help others in similar situations. To this end, I am running the London Marathon on April 17th on behalf of the Steve Reid Foundation.”

The Steve Reid Foundation is applying for charitable status and in the meantime will work closely with the Musicians Benevolent Fund to aid the plight of struggling musicians, especially those with long-term and life threatening health problems. A career as a musician may sometimes appear to be glamorous but more often it is a struggle and health related issues can often be the final straw.

A variety of other fundraising activities are planned, but in the meantime all the monies raised by Gilles running in the marathon will go directly to the Musicians Benevolent Fund on behalf of the Steve Reid Foundation:

Other runners we are supporting in the London Marathon are long-time Gilles colleague and Galliano frontman Earl Zinger ( , our MD’s wife running on behalf of Children In Crisis ( and our friend and gooner DJ Tayo ( who is running on behalf of Arsenal’s charity of the season – Centrepoint.

Feel free to give generously!