MENU GP on BBC Radio 1 / Mo Kolours & Loleatta Holloway Tribute // 16-03-11

GP on BBC Radio 1 / Mo Kolours & Loleatta Holloway Tribute // 16-03-11

March 23, 2011

Louie Vega and Norman Jay speak to Gilles and pay their respects to the late great Loleatta Holloway.

We also have words and music from hot new talent Mo Kolours, talking about his influences,  Mauritian roots, Bobby and Taylor McFerrin and his forthcoming EP on One Handed Music.

All that plus a whole stack of exclusive fresh new tunes from the likes of Bullion, Raphael Saadiq, Peverelist, Jamie Woon, Todd Terje, Soundspecies and more!

Oh yeah, we’re on a Decaf ting!

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GP on BBC Radio 1 / Mo’Kolours & Loleatta Holloway Tribute // 16-03-11

FaltyDL — Moonshine (Swamp81)
Raphael Saadiq — Moving Down The Line (Columbia)
Fumio Itabashi — Watarase (Accapella) (Solid Japan)
Rise — Shine A Light (White)
Matthew Halsall — The Move (Gondwana)
Photek — The Rings Around Saturn (Breach Remix) (White)
Photek — The Rings Around Saturn (Original) (Science)
Thom Yorke & Burial & Four Tet — Mirrors (Text)
Gold Panda — Marriage (Baths Remix) (Ghostly International)

That’s What I Call Bumps Vol 1

Elaquent — Falling Star (Toronto) (White)
Sam A La Bamalot — Keep Walking (Netherlands) (White)
Darkhouse Fam — Red Leather (Cardiff/Barry) (Fat City)
Morgan Zarate — Satin White (London) (Boglewaltz)
Ta-Ku — Sylvia (Perth) (White)
Exile — Distopian Utopia (USA) (All City)
EPROM — Chromium Decay (San Francisco) (Rwina)

Mono/Poly — Glow (Brainfeeder)
Bullion — Magic Was Ruler (Young Turks)
TallBlackGuy — Water No Enemy (White)
Soundspecies — Balafon Jam (Boglewaltz)

Words & Music from Mo Kolours

Mo Kolours — Baqirak (One Handed Music)
Mo Kolours — Drum Talking (One Handed Music)
Mo Kolours — Biddies (One Handed Music)
Mo Kolours — Dead Of Night (One Handed Music)

The Park — Belleville (White)
Todd Terje — Torsk Vs Todd (White)
Bobby McFerrin — Dance With Me (Elektra)

Loleatta Holloway Tribute with Norman Jay MBE and Louie Vega

Loleatta Holloway — Hit & Run (Salsoul)

Raphael Saadiq — The Answer (Columbia)
Jamie Woon — Spiral (Universal)
Addison Groove — It’s Got Me (3024)
Peverelist — Dance Til The Police Come (Hessle)