MENU GP Weekly Round-Up // 17-12-12

GP Weekly Round-Up // 17-12-12

December 17, 2012

That Philip Owusu track’s a bit special isn’t it..the most response last Saturday during the show. I enjoyed slipping it on after Pete Ra Rocca’s Bliss..those are the things that make me happy..the subtle shift in direction through music.

As we enter the final ‘work’ week of the year, always a great time – Christmas parties and reasons to not feel too guilty in the morning!!

I’m looking forward to my bash with Patchwork and Lefto this Thursday at Village Underground. I hope the sound will be good – it should be as they get some pretty big gigs in there. I was there for a Francois Kevorkian gig a few months ago but they’d hired some Quadraphonic 3.1 thingy… anyway can’t wait to see everyone down there and enjoy another Lefto show.

I was in Istanbul last Friday – a bit tricky with the radio the next day specially as I was having so much fun and found it difficult to leave the club and head back to the hotel for a crucial couple of hours before my flight. The club was Propaganda and is the first place I’ve played in which has a proper DJ set up in Istanbul.. Babylon is brilliant but is a live music venue… this was proper with rotary option and everything. I saw Serkan from Sunsplash Antalya (which will be on again next year)…always a highlight of the year..and Ahu was there too – her new stuff is Bossa weird and wonderful – hopefully someone will release soon. I spun with

DJ Yakuza who passed me a couple of great bits including that Ame remix of Ry’s Howling that I played on the radio. He also gave me a great track he just recorded with Bugge Wesseltoft.  I love Istanbul. People often ask me where my favourite cities are and Istanbul is always near the top..great food, people and that mysterious east meets west vibe that you can’t beat..and now a great club, Propaganda..look forward to coming back soon.

What else is up… I thought Bradley Wiggins looked heavy last night in the sports personality awards.. a proper rock n roll sports star! Looking forward to listening to his back to back with Weller on 6 music over Christmas.. talking of which I’m doing my best of the year next Saturday and the following week I will be co presenting with Bobby Womack.

At Brownswood HQ, we’re getting the crew’s Christmas podcast up and ready in next day or so – It’s a good one and you’ll get a chance to hear the tunes that keep the office bubbling during the week. Sadly its going to be Joachim (swede: art’s) last week working in the basement digitising my collection – he’s been amazing to have around and I wish him all the best as he finishes his studies back in Germany after christmas…meanwhile check his killer remix of the Insomniacs that I played last show..

Also check the BJ smith, London Grammar and Flume tunes…have a good week and hopefully see you on Thursday at Village Underground!!