MENU GP Worldwide Festival Sète 2009 - Day One

GP Worldwide Festival Sète 2009 – Day One

July 3, 2009

Beautiful sunny day here in Brussels right before leaving to the airport, I heard it was a bit overcast in Sète but wasn’t too worried about that, knowing the weather is coming good in that part of France.  Arrived 2 hours late in Sète, yeah my plane had a flat tire, can you believe that sh*t?  Finally arrived in this fishing town, so many memories here from last year and nothing has really changed…  On our way to the “phare du mole” I saw homeboy Franck from the Worldwide Festival, I told him we were starving so he showed us a nice restaurant called “Bistrot du Port”, got nice food and I paid him a “pint”… a word they’re not really familiar with here, ain’t that right Franck? You owe me one, I mean a drink, not a beer…!  Man, I was so excited to see my Worldwide family I almost ran after dinner, happy to see some faces I haven’t seen in a minute, reminding me of a good time in Singapore.  Stereotyp was there, some WF Singapore crew members, bPm, Gui & Boris, Jonathan, of course “le patronGilles, my brother Simbad, I mean…so many familiar faces.
I arrived late though, couldn’t witness the talent search winners, Beatspoke but catched a few minutes of Principles of Geometry which was good, especially for that time of the night.  Sundae took over, throwing some nice gems until Gilles came on stage to introduce the next artist.  Theo Parrish brought his own mixer, which wasn’t the best thing to do I think; first, it took time to set up; second, no soundcheck for that mixer which was actually the main reason why you had a bad sound by moments during his set, (but it didn’t seem to bother the bPm as he was dancing right in front of that main speaker for an hour, man watch out for them ears).  As the festival has a very good technical team we knew the mixer was the reason, we trust them boys behind the consoles.  Anyway, I really liked Theo Parrish’s set.  He went deep but then again, it was all good, I know there’s people out there really loving that deep shit, yeah you know who you are :)Theo is really a cool guy, after his set and while listening to Diplo’s set we talked about the similar sound the B-more sound has with old rave music.
Talking about Diplo, his set woke up everybody out of their deepeness; you know the style and you know how hard that sound goes… incredible vibe at that time, the crowd really enjoyed that sound; that Lynn Collins break man… I’ve had enough of that.  Stereotyp was up next, too bad my camera died, wanted to film him badly… He started with his hard sound, nice bass, was dope.  Diplo stayed on stage drinking a beer on stage with Stereotyp.  That’s the true Worldwide spirit, drinking with the other boys while playing beautiful records for the crowd, a festival made by deejays and music lovers and I’m sure the crowd can feel that.  If you know my blog, you know I can’t leave you without a video, so here it is ladies & gentlemen: