MENU GP Worldwide Festival Sète 2009 - Day Three

GP Worldwide Festival Sète 2009 – Day Three

July 6, 2009

It all started at the “acd beach”; Da Vince & Aline were killin’ it with a nice blend of afrobeats, hiphop and funky music.  I was happy to hear that kind of music at the beach, really.  The bPm took over for another 30 minutes of beautiful music, someone was playing congas and flute, a deadly combination when used over a beat.  Alex Barck came in, was happy to see the man again, he told me half of his stuff didn’t arrive and that it could be a problem for his set tonite…wow;  Strange, I heard the same thing about Laurent Garnier’s gear, his music should come in around 10.30pm by plane, let’s hope it will all come to a good end.
Time to go to the beautiul Théâtre de la Mer where Mocky and Jimi Tenor had to perform.  Had a nice dinner with some Sète traditional food, was pretty good, don’t ask me what it was though and met the guy from Fulgeance, a dope act on two Akai Mpc’s, this guy rocks, if you don’t know the music make sure to check it out.  Mocky Live was very entertaining, funny dudes on stage, beautiful music, all that in a beautiful environment, what else do you need? A couch….  The whistle song was very nice and I definitely have to check out this album.  Then came Jimi Tenor, always dressed up, reminding me Sun Ra, and his drummer reminded me of Rick James (biiiiitch!); a nice set, better than the one I saw couple of months ago, going uptempo all the way, you could see Jimi loved it and so did the crowd, again standing right in the front like yesterday.  Let’s go to the lighthouse…

Went to the lighthouse with Fulgeance and Simbad, beautiful Mpc set up, I really wanted to play for a minute on the samplers with such a soundsystem, aah next time maybe…  Son of Kick was on the decks right before while the whole Laurent Garnier crew got in, telling us the gear, actually the cables for the gear didn’t make it at all.  Can you feel the kind of stress it is for an organisation? Knowing there’s a crowd of 2200 people in the front expecting Laurent to come on stage and kill it… Daaamn!  Meanwhile, Fulgeance was killin’ it on the samplers and also using the effects of the Pioneer mixer.  Using the effects so much that at a certain point he just lost it… thinking that the mixer was tripping…haha, he had to start it all over again.  While the crew was calling everybody in Sète for cables it was Alex Barck’s moment of shine.  He ripped it, I don’t even know if he had all his music with him in the end but he did a superb set, the crowd enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, it wasn’t too deep, just the way I love it.  Alex, merci!
Finally, after a thousand calls, asking artists backstage, the crew, all sweaty, found every single cable necessary to connect Laurent Garnier’s music, what a relief!  Gilles explained the whole situation to the crowd, I love that, it gives the show another dimension…  2200 people into it, for some it was a really crazy show, for others it wasn’t that great, I dunno, I just think it wasn’t my thing but good for what it is… can’t really judge.  But what I’m sure about is that a majority in the crowd really loved his set, and his greatest hits at the end of the show (which I liked better haha…).  Anyway, props to the whole crew for finding those cables, you guys did a hell of a job.  I’m going to bed now…  Tomorrow it’s a whole dj line-up at the beach. Word!