MENU GP Worldwide Festival Sète 2009 - Day Two

GP Worldwide Festival Sète 2009 – Day Two

July 4, 2009

Woke up at 1pm and went to sleep around 8am after a good breakfast at the hotel with Simbad; it was really necessary.  Was the first awake as usual, the other one still dreaming and me ichatting with the bPm who was definitely not ready to bounce to the beach.  Finally, 2 hours later we arrive at the Acd beach where Son Of Kick is playing heavy tunes for the crowd, took some time to chill with my Italian buddies.  I heard Fuzati (isn’t he from Le Klub des 7?) did a great job playing jazz and related stuff, too bad I didn’t see his set.  I think it’s better to play it smooth at the beach, let the people breath for a minute…  Everybody was in the water, muscles, hot sun and nice bodies laying on the sand.  Acd beach, a nice spot where we all playing on sunday on a bigger soundsystem, should be nice.
At night it was all about food and nice music.  Went to le “Grand Bleu” restaurant with my girl, for the suggestion of the day, grilled fish, grilled potato and a salad…delicious!  Soil & Pimp was about to start at the “Theatre de la Mer” and I didn’t want to miss that because I knew it would be something legendary in there, an amphitheater by the beach where other artists like Fela Kuti performed back in the days.  I saw the last song of Sebastien Schuller, that song was nice, dunno about the rest, where you there?  Then Soil & Pimp, it was time for a mad session; after two songs the band asked the crowd to show them how they dance, damn, the whole place started dancing in front of the stage, a pretty crazy view but oh so beautiful.  Like I told Gilles, we need Japanese people around us, they are so special and different, you gotta love ‘em. Soil & Pimp Ichiban.
At the lighthouse it was Grfld warming-up the crowd with a nice set, right before Dorian Concept’s set.  A set that would become one of the craziest sets Dorian ever did.  It all began smoothly, but then came the lightning and then the rain started falling down the sky.  It would’ve been a horrible thing if we hadn’t those plastic things to put over the gear and Dorian’s computer.  Me & Franck were keeping that plastic over Dorian’s gear for 30 minutes, Simbad came to help too, we were dancing in the rain and Dorian tried to keep his shit dry, a computer, microkorg etc… shit’s no joke!  I’m sure we’ll remember this for a long time.  If that wasn’t not bad enough, boom! no electricity anymore.  Try to explain a crowd without mic that it will take 5 minutes haha, but Gilles had it under control, check it out in the video.  Then came Martyn, cool guy with a very nice album and dutchman, feels good to speak dutch with that cat, he did a splendid set, probably one of the best sets so far, big up!  Then, finally, the master arrived, el maestro, Carl Craig… what can I say, he’s a big man in the world of music, always something to see someone with his status, he ripped it, raving like the love parade in Berlin, I think the bPm is still dancing on his music right now haha.  That was the perfect time for me to leave the building, in the car with Martyn back to the hotel and here I am, writing at 6am.  Goodnight.