MENU GP Worldwide Festival Sète 2009 - Final Day

GP Worldwide Festival Sète 2009 – Final Day

July 6, 2009

Wow, is this the end ? Is it the final day of the 2009 edition of the Worldwide Festival in Sète ? That’s the feeling I woke up with this morning… on my way back to Belgium on a Tgv from Montpellier, it should take another 5 hours to get home…

Yesterday was super nice.  I left the hotel around 2pm and met the drum&bass legend that is DJ Suv outside, he’s amazing and a super friendly guy.  Heading towards the beach where I had to deejay at 6.30pm.  Enjoying the beautiful but too hot weather in the afternoon (chilled with Fulgeance, funny cat), had a crazy good steak at a crazy price (that’s when you know you’re in southern France) ; then checked out Shuya’s set of Kyoto Jazz Massive, very gentle guy I met a couple days ago, I love the jazz vibe he brings.  Yanna and Eddy were next, from Croatia, she’s singing and he mixes, very interesting, at first I didn’t know she was singing, it sounded like a record, excellent.
Then came DJ Suv, expected him to play drum & bass but actually played more house and broken beat stuff, a nice set with a MJ tribute in the beginning… I had to tell him to slow it down a bit because he was going nuts on the beats haha…Gilles, luckily, introduced me so I could start from scratch.  You know the deal, from hiphop and beats to soul, brazil, broken beat, house and more, in 60 minutes.  Michael Rutten from Soulpatrol, Frankfurt Germany was up next and did a great set, really enjoyed his set. Too bad I wasn’t around for DJ Oil’s set… how was it ?
I was happy Gilles slowed it all down a bit, good downtempo music, heard the “Gentle Smilles” edit by DJ Day Jill Scott, a beautiful Joey Negro record (tu me l’envoies patron?), you know, it feels good to hear something different than the usual boom boom of uptempo music haha.  I mean, it’s not bad but diversity is cool sometimes.  Earl Zinger was doing a hell of a job, on the mic (especially on that Jose x Joy Orbison track), he killed it…period !  Then Simbad took over and did a splendid set and gave the night another dimension by playing MJ’s “Thriller” as it was full moon last night, incredible.  Next? Ow yeah we did a back to back session with Eddy, Michael, Shuya, Simbad and myself, very pleasant set, short but rich in music, different genres, different styles of mixing, interesting…

Homeboy Todd Terje was up next, you know how that goes, disco and what not, excellent.  We had D.O.P. from France doing a live set, very nice band, uptempo, singing, going wild on stage… the guys are actually a bunch of friends who know each other for more than 15 years, all have the same tattoo on their arm, cool guys, a bit crazy though…  Finally met the guy called Trus’Me, he makes very nice music and the label is going well (Prime Numbers), expect some good music coming your way in september and october, looking forward.  I didn’t even hear his set, shame on me.  And fuck my camera, it died after Gilles‘ set…
After him it was all family on the turntables, Suv killed it with a monumental drum&bass set, very very dope, mixing acappella’s from Kanye over the beats, man you killed it.  Passed the headphones to The bPm who ripped it with that Babylon record, one of the only times I heard raggamuffin on the festival, I need that record Thristian.
It all ended with Simbad and myself, and the crowd singing to the vibes of Laos’ “something beautiful” ; the crowd was fantastic during the festival, big up, we need you guys to spread the message, spread the music and the good vibesWorldwide Festival baby, Freshly Cut crew, GP until next time… Merci !