MENU GP's WWA 2010 Review

GP’s WWA 2010 Review

February 10, 2010

With regards to Saturday I think it was a success. I thought the new venue worked well – a little bit corporate from the outside but the sound was really good, which to me, is the most important thing. Should we have found somewhere bigger? Maybe, but when I did Koko it felt a bit too impersonal – we certainly could have sold twice the
tickets so the demand is there… I always wonder whether I should do an actual award ceremony thing. Oh well, I think it’s funny and hopefully doesn’t take itself too seriously yet at the same time celebrates the music in a way that no one else does for us… but I do feel a bit disorientated every year when I come off stage at the end… Mulatu was nice and Glasper was genuinely surprised, meanwhile all the Brits had excuses not to show…typical… well apart from Sam FP who seemed pretty freaked – but that’s how it should be.

All the sets were great downstairs I thought – DOP at the end were incredible – shame so many people left after Lee Fields – then again they had been there since 8… upstairs lacked good sound but I think everyone knew that before they went on, well apart from Danay who, I hear, had a moment with the soundman! I only caught a bit of Elan Tamara and Ghost Poet but missed Nailah which was a shame – at least she came to Maida Vale the next day and did a little piano and vox thing which I’ll air next week.

So yeah, another year goes by… and I thought the audience was a bit different to previous years – a little younger perhaps? A little less cliquey perhaps? The thing that someone said to me though was how mad it is to have 800 odd people cheering the fact that Harry Whittaker’s latest is number 4 in the jazz chart! It makes the the whole thing worth it just for that…

Extra props to Peggy who made the whole night run so smoothly – she was there from 9am and stage managed both floors… incredible… and thanks to all the DJs who came though… Lefto, BPM, Alex Patchwork and Simbad who played through extreme back pain… also big ups to Swifty and Janine on the visuals and awards and the sound crew led by Ian… no feedback all night!

Thanks to everyone who came to see me in NYC last week… I have to admit that I didn’t really have my DJ gloves on… to the point that just prior to coming on in BKLN I had no idea what was in my boxes… I literally had too much choice on CD and had purposely kept loads of easy tunes at home to avoid playing them again – I sort of regretted that once I’d started and literally had a dj breakdown between every mix… I just about got my flow from the 3rd hour on… but on the other hand I got to play some new Gil, Mosca and a bunch of way out world things so at least it was fresh..ish… but I wish I could have smiled more… so I thought it would all come together a little better in Cielo on the monday.

It sort of did (haha) although I was a bit angled out to be playing with Francois K and tried to do a set aimed at his crowd but really, should just have done a GP set… well maybe I did… but I was confused! to be honest I was just a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people who came out to see me in mid winter… it’s quite surreal. I dunno – its a funny game being a DJ…the key thing is being able to enjoy myself and then the rest always goes well – the moment I stress I feel the crowd stress too which is probably not such a good thing…but I do love a club brawl!!!

I’m not moaning – I love my job and I’m lucky to still be able to do this – I just get a bit para about my DJing sometimes, like all DJs do.

The French crew were over this weekend for the awards so we got to chat about the forthcoming WW Festival in Sete. Looks like it’s gonna be a bit larger than last year – not in terms of numbers but in terms of events – talk of an opening afternoon sesh at the modern art museum and a Saturday afternoon free set on the bandstand in the market place… just confirming a few final artists and then we can announce the line up…

Cheers – Gilles P