MENU Worldwide Premiere // Daymé Arocena // Nueva Era

Worldwide Premiere // Daymé Arocena // Nueva Era

May 28, 2015

At just 22 years old, Daymé Arocena – a singer, arranger, composer and choir director – is already a veteran presence in Cuban music, and is fast gaining international profile.

Performing semi-professionally since the age of 8, she became lead singer with the big band Los Primos at 14 and performed with Winton Marsalis not long after. She first came to the attention of Havan Cultura – Gilles Peterson’s Cuban musical mentorship programme – back in 2008, but as a teenager was considered too young to appear on early recordings. Gilles admits to being “knocked out by her professionalism” even from an early age, and kept a close eye on her development. Fast forward six years and she appeared on three tracks from Havana Cultura Mix – The Soundclash!

Her enchanting performance at the album launch in London earned her a solo record deal with Brownswood and Havana Cultura and her debut album was born! Recorded in just a few days in London and Havana, Nueva Era is a work of elegant maturity, combining her classical training as a choir director, the religious chats of her Santeria faith and the jazz influences of her newfound love for Ella Fitzgerald. Premiered here, the album’s title track is wonderfully layered with the multitude of vocal styles at Daymé’s disposal.

Daymé Arocena – Nueva Era LP is out 8th June via Brownswood Recordings. Pre-order it from iTunes.

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