MENU Worldwide Premiere // Ethiopian Records // Terraraw

Worldwide Premiere // Ethiopian Records // Terraraw

July 9, 2015

Emerging from the outskirts Addis Ababa, comes a new African hand-me-down sound coined as Ethiopiyawi, a hypnotizing blend of traditional Ethiopian folk, electronica and chopped up beats. Alongside his contemporary Mikael Seifu, E.R. (aka Ethiopian Records) is leading the charge, both as a pioneer of this burgeoning sound and as a role-model for young, disadvantaged and aspiring musicians in the Ethiopian capital.

After a string of releases for Washington D.C imprint 1432R, E.R. returns with new EP In My Sleep, which we’re told has been a work in progress for nearly a decade, drawing inspiration from the sun and Ethiopian war hymns. Premiered exclusively on GPWW, ‘Terraraw’ is a meditation on the mountains we must all climb in our lives and, through a clever use of chopped up samples, the track takes us through a series of peaks and troughs no doubt employed to reflect that psychological journey. We’ve been given a sneak preview of the rest of the EP and you’re in for a treat!

E.R. – In My Sleep EP is out 21st July on 1432R. Pre-order from their Bandcamp.

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