MENU GPWW presents Fortuna Records

GPWW presents Fortuna Records

September 24, 2013

Zack from Fortuna Records dropped in a couple of weeks ago and blessed the Brownswood Basement with an all vinyl selection of Middle Eastern gems. Mostly recorded in Israel but featuring musicians from all over the Middle Eastern region (Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Egypt) it highlights the amazing fusion of Arabic folk music with jazz, rock, funk and disco styles in the early 70s. Essential listening – pops, crackles, hisses and all!

You can download the podcast HERE [right-click-and-save on a PC // ctrl+click on a Mac]… or subscribe to Gilles’ podcasts via iTunes


Cheikh Mwijo – Rakssa Moghrabiya
Itsik Kala – Untitled Track
Nio Nikoleidis – Ne Sevenim Var Ne Sorenim
Grazia – Istemen
Nicolas – Elle Voda Me
Boom Pem – Cicek Dagi
Omar Khorshid – Rakset El Fadda
Grazia – Soyle Beni
Nino Nikolaidis – Kiriakos 76
Aris San – Dam Dam

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