MENU GPWW677 International Tracklisting // 12th-18th March 2010

GPWW677 International Tracklisting // 12th-18th March 2010

March 15, 2010

Gilles is back at Brownswood after a 2 week tour of Australia and New Zealand and it’s straight back into the Worldwide groove with new music from Fat Freddy’s Drop, Blue Daisy remixing The RAah Project, Ramadanman, The Simonsound and Scuba. All killer, no filler!! All that and it’s Philly legend Josh Wink on the Worldwide Family Mixtape this week too!


The Sounds Of Synanon: The Synanon Choir – A Rise Shine (Jazz Continuation)
Tony Scott And The Indonesian All Stars – Burung Kaka Tua (White Label)
Flying Lotus – Zodiac Sh** (Warp)
True Live – Need To Be Now (Illusive Sounds)
The RAah Project – Will You Be There (Blue Daisy Remix) (Summer Dawn)
Metiqulas – Who’s Whispering (529 Studio)
Will ‘Wild Bill’ Ricketts – Ricketts Meets Fabulous (Wild Bill Records)
Fat Freddy’s Drop- El Salvador (White Label)
En Zed -The Almanac (White Label)
The Simonsound – Bakers Dozen (Kraftwerk)
Space Invadas – Imaginist (White Label)
Unknown – Unknown (White Label)
Flying Lotus Ft. Thundercat – Mmmhmm (Warp)
Theo Parrish & Billy Love – Can’t Wait (Sound Signature)
Nomad Discotek – Lagos (White Label)
Havana Cultura Band – Rezando (Michel Cleis Remix) (Brownswood)

Worldwide Family Mixtape // Josh Wink :: Philadelphia, USA
Grace Jones – Intro (White Label)
Rhythm & Sound- Why (White Label)
STL – Silent State (Smallville Records)
Mr. FIngers – What About This Love (Alleviated Records)
Kink – E 79 (White Label)
Josh Wink – Counter Clock 319 (Chateau Flight Remix) (Ovum Recordings)
Josh Wink – Dolphin Smack (Martin Buttrich Remix Part 6) (Ovum Recordings)
Kalon – Haiku (Sandwell)

Eliphino – The Rain (White Label)
Rio Hunuki Hemopo – Ride (The Drop)
Ramadanman – I Beg You (Hessle Audio)
Scuba – You Got Me (Hot Flush)