MENU GPWW693 International Tracklisting // 2nd-9th July 2010

GPWW693 International Tracklisting // 2nd-9th July 2010

July 2, 2010

All that good sh*t… and words and music from dubstep innovator Mala (Deep Medi / Digital Mystikz / DMZ). Monster.

GPWW693 // 2nd-9th July 2010

Rhythm – Are You Ready For This (RCA)
The Willow Band – Funky Guitar Band (Epic)
Jimmy Castor Bunch – Creation/Its Just Begun (RCA)
Mombasa – African Hustle (Sonorama)
Gnonnas Pedro – Okpo Videa Bassouo (Analog Africa)
Ahouangnimon Sébastien Pynasco Et l’Orchestre Discafric-Band De Cotonou – Mi Hlin Migan (Voix Africaine)
Orchestre Super Volta – Renouveau (CVD)
The Observers – Organ Satta (Honest Jons)

Words & Music: Mala
Dadawah – Seventy Two Nations (Trojan)
Mala – Body Clock Delay (Dub)
Digital Mystikz – Old Hope (Tempa)
Coki – Serious (Dub)
Digital Mystikz – Cr7 Chamber (Rephlex)
Mala – Mountain Dread March (Harmless)
Grace Jones – Love You To Life (Mala Remix) (Wall of Sound)
Mala – Strangers From Paradise (Inspired By Chris Ofili) (Dub)
Digital Mystikz – Intergalatic Dub (Tempa)
Quest – Smooth Skin (Deep Medi)
J5ive – Try Harder (White)
Mala – Return II Space (DMZ)

La Logia Sarabanda – Guayaba (Get Back)
Thunder And Lightning – Bumpin Bus Stop (Private Stock)
Janelle Monae – Faster (WEA)
Machito Orchestra – Macho (Coco)