MENU Guest Mix 05 // LV (Out Of Time Mix)

Guest Mix 05 // LV (Out Of Time Mix)

August 21, 2012

We put this together out of tracks we love but don’t often get to play to people. It’s not club music (not the sort of clubs we get booked to play anyway) but it is bangin’ in its own way. There’s a mixture of some older bits and some contemporary bits and while they’re not all from the same musical place, these tunes are united in their power to make us laugh or cry or stare wistfully into space. We’ve got to shout out Will’s stepdad Paul who put us onto a lot of this stuff (and who generally introduced us to the idea that music can satisfy your ears in all sorts of different ways). Also big up to the two artists on here that we’ve worked with: Tigran and Seb. They’re both amazing musicians and also lovely people. Finally thanks to Johann S who initially didn’t want his tracks used but relented after we bought him a kebab.

01. Johann Schmelt – Arbejde 9
02. Derek Bailey; Gregg Bendian; Pat Metheny; Paul Wertico – Science of Deduction: The Aurora (From the album “The Sign Of Four”)
03. Jeroen Van Veen – Echo (Klaas de Vries)
04. Charles Mingus – Self-Portrait In Three Colors (From the album “Mingus at Um”)
05. Art Ensemble of Chicago with Fontella Bass – Horn Web (From the album “America”)
06. Ursula Holliger – Stanza II for Solo Harp and Tape (Toru Takemitsu)
07. Tigran Hamasyan – Rain Shadow (From the album “A Fable”)
08. Keefe Jackson Project Project – Titled (From the album “Just Like This”)
09. Keefe Jackson’s Project Project – Just Like This (From the album “Just Like This”)
10. Sebastian Rochford and Leo Abrahams – Faint Eligible Remains
11. Klaus Roeder – MiniSymphonie
12. Portico Quartet – Export To Hot Climates (From the album “Portico Quartet”)
13. Fennesz – Before I Leave (From the album “Endless Summer”)
14. Johann Schmelt – Arbejde 9 (Reprise)
15. Ernst Reijseger – Ostinato #1 (From the OST to “The Cave of Forgotten Dreams”)

LV’s new album ‘Sebenza’ drops on 27th August 2012 on Hyperdub.
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