MENU Handsome Restaurant

Handsome Restaurant

January 31, 2010

Greetings* from Tokyo!

This is mari (marinx*) from Tokyo.
I take care of Gilles’ WORLDWIDE programs in Tokyo on J-WAVE and became a blogger here :)

My equation for good life is <Good Music + Good Food = HAPPY!>.

I thought of writing about music first but decided to talk about an interesting Restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo.

One afternoon, I received a message from my good lady friend.She is a writer for TV & Radio, and she is very beautiful and fun to drink together. And we both enjoy talking about LOVE Life.We usually forget half of the conversation because we are so drunk!!

Anyways, We made a plan to catch up at this restaurant which I had wanted to go for a long time.They specialize in organic vegetable, contracting with good farmers and they have all their veges are directly shipped from Farms!But there is another reason which makes this restaurant attractive. And it’s the people >>> the restaurant is taken cared by ONLY good looking MEN They don’t have a wine list but it’s ok because If you want to drink some wine, you tell them your preferences. Hmmm Good chance to speak with them, don’t you think!? Their service is comfortably nice and Food is Good. Whaaaat else do you ask!?

My friend and I enjoyed catching up about each other as well as getting very nicely treated! We looked around the restaurant, and all the customers are women. We understood very well WHY.

There is a VERY trendy Japanese WORD at the moment -

“marriage partner hunting“ or “act of seriously and actively looking for a spouse“.

Maybe, being at this restaurant could be KONKATSU.
Good Chance may happen with  handsome guys like them who can cook very well!

ekao in ebisu, Tokyo <TEL> +81.3.5755.5744

PS: They had a turntable set up to play music. Big UP!