MENU Havana Club Rumba Sessions // Free Sample Pack

Havana Club Rumba Sessions // Free Sample Pack

December 21, 2015

Following the Reginald Omas Mamode IV ‘Havana Cool Out’ remix which premiered last week, we’ve announced with Havana Cultura that we’re opening out the roots of Cuban rumba to bedroom producers worldwide. The same stems that he was given to play with are now available to listen to and download below. Click through to the Soundcloud page to download them.

That ‘Havana Cool Out’ mix was a teaser for a full remix album, featuring producers who join the dots between the globally scattered styles which have long been represented by Peterson on his label, radio shows and DJ set. This new announcement is an exciting opportunity for producers to re-work and incorporate these strands of Cuba’s musical legacy into their own music.

Produced in collaboration with Cuban rum maker Havana Club – that created the Havana Cultura platform to promote contemporary Cuban culture –, it’s another episode in a six-year relationship that’s already given vital exposure to different aspects of Cuba’s thriving music culture through the Havana Cultura album series*.

It’s a unique opportunity to gain access to recordings of the rhythms, guaganco, yambu and columbia, central to Cuban rumba, performed by some of its most esteemed players. The idea behind it is to open up Cuban music culture, already the product of intermingling histories on the Caribbean island, to even more international interpolations across aspiring producers spread all over.

We’re keen to hear what people come up with too. Tag your track “#havanaclubrumba” and there’ll be prize bundles sorted for the best ones.

*The acclaimed Havana Cultura album series – fruit of a collaboration between Gilles Peterson, Brownswood Recordings and Havana Club – includes two major collective productions, Havana Cultura: The New Cuba Sound (2009) and Havana Cultura: The Search Continues (2011); the Havana Cultura Sessions EPs featuring Danay Suárez (2010) and Daymé Arocena (2015); and two electronic music albums, Havana Cultura Remixed (2010) and Havana Cultura Mix: The Soundclash! (2014).