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Jazz Attitudes

December 21, 2008

Since I know we have readers from France and more specifically Paris, it’s my due to show the guys some respect for what they are building.  Nassim @ Nujazzspirit just talked to me about the party they will have on the 27th of this month.  “Jazz Attitudes” is the kind of party that wants to give you the best in the huge world that is Jazz music.  Of course this means you’ll have some broken beat, acid jazz, jazz funk, dancefloor jazz and all that brought to you by deejays Psycut & Koko (who are the promoters);  Also, you will have the chance to hear Dusty (Jazz Liberatorz) on the turntables  and Manu Boubli, who’s the co-founder of Comet and Mind Records. It’s going down @ “Les Coulisses” and if you’re a local you know where it’s at, if not just get on the “metro” and stop at “Anvers” (which means Antwerp in french).
I think it’s important to support events like that, promoting good music is a must today and we all know there’s enough people into good music, especially in Paris.  Et maintenant, allons faire la fête! Voila.