MENU Killer Olafur Arnalds music video

Killer Olafur Arnalds music video

January 7, 2010

Big homie 2Scoops from Earnest Endeavours put me on to this video from the Erased Tapes collective. I don’t know much about them but apparently one of their artists Ólafur Arnalds (dope neo-classical composer) did a project last year where he managed to finish a song per day for a whole week. Each track was available for download as soon as it was finished each evening – WOW! Plus the label’s fans were involved in creating the cover artwork via Flickr. Anyways this all inspired Esteban Diácono, a young visual talent from Buenos Aires, to create this astonishing particle animation video for “Ljósið“. Completely blew me away – CHECK IT!