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Kutmah Selects // Lapti

March 14, 2012

Lapti’s track ‘Leaving Home’ is next up on Worldwide Family Volume 2. Hailing from Russia, Lapti is an original producer; from jungle rave tracks with no bass or drums to ghosts of 80s sci-fi soundtracks, he has a way of making the old sound new. His unique choice of lo-fi samples in combination with surgical synthetic elements results in a strange feeling of nostalgia for the future. A credit to the Moscow beat scene for many years, Lapti has built his own world to escape to during the winter months. Hop in the DeLorean for some ice-cold-electro-retro-future-funk.


My name is Alexey. I’m Russian, and was born in Moscow. It’s no secret that the basis of my music is samples, analog and digital. I find them everywhere. Often I write without looking at the styles / genres, because the main thing in my tracks is melody, and it sets the bpm. Sometimes complex, sometimes simple, my music is retro-sounding and has unforgettable melodies.




    Releases / Remixes / Collabs / Live performances… I just hope that in future, in between affairs, trips and parties I’ll still be able to lock in my house and record new tracks.

    Listen to a minimix of he compilation below. You can pre order the compilation from Rough Trade HERE