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Kutmah Selects // Seven Davis Jr.

March 8, 2012

Seven Davis Jr’s track ‘Thanks’ is at number 4 on the compilation. Picking up the pace with this track – at around 120 bpm, it’s different to what you might expect from Kutmah.

Originally born in Houston, Texas,  and currently living in Los Angeles, Seven Davis Jr. describes his sound as ‘Future Soul, Neo Vintage, Electro Jazz, Weirdo Funk, R&B Trip Hop Fusion’ amongst others.

As you might guess from his name, Sammy Davis Jr. is a massive influence, so too Burt Bacharach. “Other later influences include Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin. More modern day influences include Portishead, Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, Dilla, D’angelo. But there’s too many to name, I find inspiration in the strangest things really.”

As for 2012, “Alot of things are on the horizon! Of course touring, performing and seeing the world is one of the top 5 plans. Looking forward to releasing an album with my two best friends via our group ” Survival Of The Fittest “. Also working on an adult dark humored cartoon series and writing a one edition Sci-Fi fiction book idea. My main goal is to just create, create, continue to evolve and live my life to the fullest!”

Seven Davis Jr.’s Soundcloud here

This Friday is the launch for the compilation at a secret East London Location, alongside the launch of Darkhouse Fam’s release on Earnest Endeavours. Promises to be a big night! Buy tickets here