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Kutmah Selects // Tehbis

April 12, 2012

Kutmah Presents Worldwide Family Volume 2 in digital and CD formats drop on 16th April and vinyls drop on May 7th, having been pushed back due to manufacturing issues.

Tehbis’ track ‘Higher’ features on the compilation, so we caught up with the up and coming London based producer.


Grown up mainly in North London. Still in the North Sides. I would say it’s a palette of artists and sounds that have been influences of mine from a very young age. Always been into records of all era’s so I try and incorporate everything that I hear as one. I guess It’s soulful, beat orientated vibes.


I’ve got so much love for so many different styles of music. I always was really interested in how records from the 60s, 70s had a certain ‘sound’ about them and that got me into collecting music from those periods. Soul and funk and rare groove joints would always sound amazing. This particularly became more so when I would start hearing samples from my favourite beats when I started getting into hip-hop. From then, my heads just been thinking in another way.


Got plans to start some new collabs, I’m also working on projects with other dope artists from all different places. Will be finishing that off, as well as my debut EP

Listen to a minimix of the compilation below.

You can pre order the compilation from Rough Trade HERE