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November 2, 2009


I worked hard with the Democrazy promoters to make this event succesful. Last friday was live and want to thank everybody coming down to the first edition of “LeFtO Presents“, a concept reflecting the music in my radioshow. It wasn’t that easy as on friday late afternoon, Breakestra was late and Sa-Ra Creative Partners missed a train, it didn’t look good. So we had to open 30 minutes later, which wasn’t too bad after all as people came in later. It was important for me to make the artists feel like home, getting them on stage in time and giving them the comfort they needed. To start the show I had homeboy Cris Prolific on the turntables, it was quite early and I dunno why people always come so late. So late that it was not easy for me to see Vadim go on stage in front of a small crowd, well that’s what I thought it was until I realised there was a 100 more outside smoking… So it came out good, the venue was full, finally! DJ Vadim has a totally different show and some people didn’t expect that kind of show I think… so the atmosphere was a bit strange, the crowd was lame! After Vadim, I gave Cris Prolific some extra time to promote his album “Art/Money” that will see the light through Universal soon, can’t wait for that, glad I was part of that project, too bad half the crowd went outside to smoke, what a shame. After that, Sa-Ra Creative Partners came on stage; I enjoyed the little discussions I had with Om’Mas & Taz backstage, those guys are special, like it. On stage, slammin’ beats, going wild and singing all over the place. Girls in the front seemed to enjoy the freaked out scenery in front of them. Great producers and good to have them on my first edition. It was my turn to serve the crowd with a couple records, right before having the Breakestra on stage. Breakestra was hard on stage, they are the best cover band i’ve seen in my life; they have the perfect musicians for it and the woman replacing Mixmaster Wolf was killer. 12 years in the game and Breakestra is still going strong, Miles you the man, keep the funky music alive, it’s sick! That was a perfect last live act. I was really happy with Krewcial’s visuals all night long, he did a great job, thank you brother. I rocked the afterparty a couple hours, actually way too long.. I didn’t expect the people to stay so late after all the shows they’ve seen and especially having Benga and Skream next door. Even I was hoping I could stop earlier to see Benga in action haha, but it’s all good, next time. I must thank everybody who helped to promote this event and the ones who came down. It was a good one, up to the next one, early next year probably. By the way, check out the video, there’s interviews in between.