MENU LeFtO#2 Presents

LeFtO#2 Presents

February 22, 2010

Wow I must thank everyone coming down on saturday for another LeFtO event at the beautiful black box called Minnemeers in Gent. It was a hard weekend that started early morning with a text message from Jkim who’s in charge for Blu, Fashawn and Exile telling me their flight has been delayed for 5 hours. That didn’t look good at all and I was worried. But we all believed in a good end and that’s what happened. They had a flight fromMoscow to Dusseldorf and from there a van would drive them to our venue, by the way big up to the driver, he did a great job for everyone. The night started around 8pm with a set by Eglo Records boss Alex Nut; he dropped some heavy tunes for a crowd that just got in, if you were one of the first to get in you’d know. Followed by a nice little set by Shuanise, the nice lady with an incredible vibrato. Funkineven, a Run-Dmc lookalike threw some gems right after, “must move” is definitely one of his bangers! The leopard dressed (was it?Fatima came up on stage to entertain the venue now packed from front to back. Always entertaining to see her on stage, a true b-girl singing good.
I was playing in between the acts for a very enthousiast crowd, they had a good time… and that’s the energy I need. And what a relief to see Blu, Fashawn and Exile coming in straight from Dusseldorf, no food, no sleep and going straight to the stage for soundcheck behind the curtain. It was very cool to hear the crowd scream when I announced the boys just got in as they knew the whole story of flight delay etc… Blu was tired, I could see that but honestly I can’t blame him, he did what I expected him to do, be serious on stage and do his thing. Fashawn came hard, he had to spit all the travelling frustrations out of him and I could feel that. Rhymes and flows are so hard, and with Exile behind the boards you know you can’t go wrong. Exile just killed it on his mpc. Routines for days and never boring, he’s one of the best producers behind the mpc, definitely, there’s a few other cats killing it but he’s in my all time favorite Top 3.
To end with Floating Points is never a bad thing, playing uptempo music around 1am is probably the best thing to keep the crowd alive. A great guy Floating Points and killer on the Rotary mixer and behind a microscope (if you don’t know...). And I’m not saying it’s easy to keep the hiphop heads for sets like these but the room remained packed for a while, outside,Fashawn was freestyling to JC’s beatbox, we’ve had so many funny situations Anyway, would like to thank everybody involved in this, my brother for driving the Eglo crew back and forth and Democrazy of course. Big up. Up to the next one on April 9.  Spread the word!!!!