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Lefto’s WWA 2010 Review

February 10, 2010

Oh what a beautiful night it was at the Garage in London for the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards 2010. The end of hectic weeks of organisation and intense promotion.  The night started with Alex Patchwork on the wheels, dropping some nice gems for the crowd coming in and until Gilles would take the mic to announce the night and introduce the Floating Points Ensemble.  I dunno about you guys but I thinkFatima did a very nice job on stage, she probably couldn’t hear herself too much at some point when all the instruments were playing but it was certainly a big thing to be surrounded by all these instruments. The Ensemble were very good and I can’t wait for the final version of their show.

I was up next; right before Andreya Triana’s set.  She was looking good on stage, sitting in the middle, very relaxed and peaceful voice, and btw the sound was ok downstairs during the whole night, must big up the technicians and soundmen for that, no feedbacks etc… I went upstairs to check a bit of Elan Tamara but the sound wasn’t really good upstairs, too compact, too difficult to handle a live band upstairs I think.  A very small place and I couldn’t even get in when Danay was on stage, the security dude said “no sir, it’s one in – one out“…haha! Anyway, stayed downstairs to see Gilles and the Awards presentation; It’s very difficult to give an award to an artist I think, so many good tunes this year…  Loved the Robert Glasper speech and the Mulatu one too.  After that, Robert Glasper killed it with his trio, well, Chris Dave missed his flight but this drummer killed it too, that’s a musician thing I guess, they just kill it even if they know each other for only a couple hours. I played a couple tunes before Theophilus London came on… he started with a drum thing and then blasted “Enjoy The Sun” through the speakers. Why didn’t he wait till the end of his show to play that one?  Anyway, a lot of energy in the room at that point, hands in the air, deejay going mad loud…

Upstairs, I checked GhostPoet, a new upcoming talent from Birmingham? Naaah I mean Coventry, he’s special, rhymes lazy on heavy beats, I liked it and I’m sure you’ll see him more and more on the scene, looking forward to what he’s got up next. The bPm played some nice tunes downstairs whileThe Expressions, El Michels Affair were trying to set-up everything right for the legendary Lee Fields.  And there he was, he reminded me of James Brown on stage, very loose and happy to be there, making fun!  I love his album and “Ladies” is definitely the joint on there, and he killed it on stage…he was great!Performing done, we had more space in the main room as some people left right after… Too bad for them coz they missed a nice set by Simbad, a mask behind the computer called Sbtrkt and SamphaDarkstar had some technical difficulties in the DJ booth but that went well after all.  I left with Alex during Darkstar so I missed the greatd.O.P. show; heard that was good..but damn I was tired!!!

ig up to the whole crew for a very nice night, I really enjoyed every single minute of it.  Here’s the video: