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Legacy in the Dust

October 1, 2008

I went to a screening of a great documentary last night about the legendary 4 Aces Club in Dalston. It’s a fascinating story with loads of great footage, photos and stories from back in the day, and the musical journey of the club from reggae soundsystems, live soul, punk, dance music and the birth of acid house, hardcore and drum and bass reflects the changing face of youth culture in east london, and beyond. The club was repeatedly raided over the years, before finally being subject to an enforced sale to hackney council who then let the premises rot for ten years and are now building (guess what) luxury flats in the place where it once stood. A poignant tale of our times, but great to see this piece of local history preserved in film…


Not on general release unfortunately but I think you can find out when the next screening will be via the 4 Aces Club website.