MENU LV aka SwamiMillion // The Fawda Trio // Road To Essaouira album // Crowd Funding

LV aka SwamiMillion // The Fawda Trio // Road To Essaouira album // Crowd Funding

March 13, 2014

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Road to Essaouira is the new project by Original Cultures for 2014, a musical journey between the UK, Italy and Morocco and the meetings of musical worls: Gnawa, jazz, electronic and hip hop.

What is the idea?: A project in three steps with the aim of recording a debut collaborative album in Morocco to be released on vinyl and digital formats.

Who is involved?LV aka SwamiMillion, London-based electronic duo with previous releases on Hyperdub, Keysound Records and more, and the Fawda Trio, Bologna-based experimental group composed of established local musicians Fabrizio PuglisiRed-A-Zine and Danilo Mineo. TheOriginal Cultures team handles all management, production and logistics aspects of the project.

How will you do it?We want to send the artists alongside a team of professionals to Essaouira, Morocco in the autumn to record material for the album. We will then return to Europe to post-produce and release it on vinyl and digital formats alongside a short video documentary.

What do you want?To raise the remaining funds needed to cover logistical costs of sending the artists and a team of professionals to Essaouira, Morocco to record the album. We have already secured half of what we need to send everyone over, but we want to try and do this the way we originally intended to (with all artists and professionals), hence this crowdfunding call.

Why should I care?: We believe crowdfunding is one of the best ways to fully realise a project such as this as well as engage with our audience and give them a chance to be a part of the adventure. That and it’s a chance for you to get your name on a record, support independent artists and be a part of a unique cultural experiment.