MENU LV // Ancient Mechanisms // Trailer

LV // Ancient Mechanisms // Trailer

September 23, 2015


‘Ancient Mechanisms’ is the fourth album by globetrotting London production duo LV. It traces a train of thought that was sparked by a live session with the Armenian jazz / folk pianist Tigran Hamasyan back in 2012: two and a half years down the line and a trip to Belgium later, the finished record is as much about the workings of musical artefacts as it is about putting the virtuoso pianist into new contexts.

“Ancient Mechanisms” is released 9th October on Brownswood Recordings.


The sculpture in the video, inspired by LV & Tigran’s music, is called Carillon, like the track from the album.

It is crafted from discarded piano keys collected between Brighton and London.

Video credits:

Fabrice Bourgelle – Director
Special thanks to The Total Refreshment Center for providing the space.