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October 7, 2008

I used to be more involved (back in the days) in turntablism but then also realized at a certain point in my career that a lot of people (the crowd) never understood the art of it, I can understand that if you’re not familiar with this art you might think it’s just something annoying for your ears, and if you don’t have the visuals that go with it it really might be something weird.

Anyway, I’ve been a fan of this art since I discovered it and I think it actually helped the deejay community (in a way).  It gave the deejay (turntablist) the same status as a guitarplayer or drummer.  It’s true that it is something that only insiders would understand completely but as a turntablist you must learn how to make your routines comprehensive for a larger (not into it) crowd, and that’s another art.
Ok, I actually want to show you some Japanese turntablists; We all know about DJ Kentaro (Ninja Tune) but he’s only the visible part of the iceberg.  There’s more going on in the land of the rising sun, for example the guys of Hifana, they performed on different DMC Championships and toured a while ago throughout the world.  The particularity of this group is that they not only use turntables but also drummachines. Very fresh push breakin’.
Japan also has the DMC Team Champions (2007 / 2008) and they go by the name of Kireek.  The thing with Japanese turntablists is certainly the precision they use for their routines.  We all know they are perfectionists and that’s (of course) a good thing when it comes to turntablism.
I’ve been a fan of Japan for years and I can’t wait to go back, see crowds go crazy on music makes me feel good.
I want more.  Domo Arigato!

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