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January 7, 2010

martyn.jpg picture by lefto

My buddy Alex from the infamous On-Point website delivered a great video interview of Martijn Deijkers aka Martyn, who made one of the best albums last year on his imprint 3024 called “Great Lengths“.  Martyn, originally from Eindhoven, the Netherlands but now residing in Washington DC talks about his youth in Eindhoven and the music scene in the Philips city.  The city lives/lived for their electronic company and no wonder it has some parallels with Detroit the motor city.  Watch this very interesting video filmed in Eindhoven and other places here:

And while we’re at it why not say that Martyn‘s Fabric mix will see the light on January 11th; FABRIC 50 that is… congratulations Martyn You can pre-order/buy it here.

Fabric.jpg picture by lefto

Extra info at On-Point and many thanks to Alex Deforce for this one, and the many other interviews on his website.