MENU mud & dance....

mud & dance….

September 9, 2008

1000hrs : Leave London with Gilles, Robbie aka Earl Zinger and Elan…. notify the loved ones and check on the status of fellow Bestival-goers ( …. no answer in most cases).

1300hrs : Board the ferry at Southampton and prepare metabolism with soggy fish & chips.

1430hrs : Arrive at Bestival / Vietnam…!!

first visual

note the impending cloud..!!

gather status report

gather status report

Elan attempts to raise spirits bacstage with an impromptu rendition of his new material.

1530 : Gilles onstage… preceded by Radioheads producer (respect!!)

Gilles drops a few bombs

Gilles drops a few bombs, the masses seem to engage..!!!

1700: GET OUT…!!!

yeah it was quite deep...!!!

fresh pair ready and wrapped...

fresh pair of high tops ready and wrapped...

3 seconds after we got in the car, the cloudes delivered.... (in memory of Elen who decided to remain on the front line!!)

3 seconds after we got in the car, the clouds delivered.... (in memory of Elan who decided to remain on the front line!!)

1830 : Get back on the Ferry

2230 : Arrive back in London go back to East Village to play my first Prologue and team up with Alex Phountzi (Bugz in the Attic) and Leo Greenslade (YoYo)…

this thing was next door in the Hoxton hotel.

this thing was next door in the Hoxton hotel.

0500 : Go home

Rudy, Cousin Fab, Lindsay, Mo and Dean

Mission Accomplished : Despite the torrential conditions, i think i’m gonna do the Bestvial weekend next year. Amazing spirit and wicked vibes… Plus I love a nice set of Funktion Ones‘..!!!

Apparently Winehouse got booed…. DAMN STRAIGHT..!!! She was late, cut her set short, while the peeps pay to watch her onstage while their camped out in the mud and summink..?!

Left just before Grace Jones came onstage… PISSED.. and she smacked it along with the other suprise act…!! The Specials.

Big Up..!!! Rob da Bank!! Holding it up nicely!!

and… I’ll be back at East Village with the Prologue massiv’ in a couple of months. Where i kinda get inside the muthf*ckin’ house..!! AiiiiGHT!!!

BROWNSWOOD DANCE / BIRTHDAY JAMDOWN this weekend… info coming!! Hold Tight!!

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