MENU My Town // Bambooman presents Leeds

My Town // Bambooman presents Leeds

August 14, 2013

“My Town” is a new feature wherein friends and family from around the world give us the lowdown on their home town – favourite bars, restaurants, record shops and more. Forget Time Out – this is the only city guide you need.

This time we hear from producer Bambooman about his town, Leeds…

Where I like to chill:

The Brudenell Social Club is an awesome place to chill. It’s been putting on great music for as long as I can remember and serves a great selection of beers and ales at cheap prices. It’s a hub for the local DIY Music Scene and regularly has wierd and experimental bands. I highly recommend checking the events hosted there by Room 237 and Cops And Robbers.

If you fancy getting outside Golden Acre Park and Roundhey Park are really nice. I sometimes go for a stroll up the canal paths which are nice on a sunny day plus there’s a few good pubs to stop off at on the way too if you go up the Kirkstall way. A bit of time in the countryside is needed every so often, and you don’t have to travel too far to find some in Leeds.

Where I like to rave:

Cosmic Slop has got to be one of my favourite places to go party. The music there is always spot on and the vibes are great, you get the feeling that everyone’s there for the music first, and the good vibes just come naturally with the DJ’s great selections. All vinyl business, all walks of music.

Catacomb (at HIFI) is a night that I’m a resident at which showcases the weirder side of hip hop, boogie and all sorts. The night might start with some library music and end with some techno. They’ve hosted some heavy shows this year already including over the pond visits from Samiyam and Onra – which both went down a treat – and they’ve got plenty on the cards for after summer.

Also the venue HIFI, where catacomb is held run the night Sunday Joint where you can catch some great soul , funk jazz bands for free.

Beat Bar are representing proper. They’ve been putting on some amazing in house nights in their lovely venue and since they opened their doors last year they’ve brought us heavyweights like Gilles Peterson, Mala in Cuba, DJ Premier and Big Daddy Kane.

And they got J.Rocc and Lonnie Liston Smith coming up this month, which I can’t wait for…

Louche (at Mint Club) have been representing techno and house in Leeds for the last 5 years and they always have insane line ups and they’ve cultivated a great following. They’re also now hosting events in London and Berlin, so if you’re close be sure to check it out and have a boogie.

Other nights that definitely deserve a mention are Selective Hearing (at Garage) , Butterside Up (at Wire) and obviously Leeds famous nights Exodus and SubDub (at West Indian centre/VoxWarehouse) run by Simon Scott of Dimensions/Outlook festival .

Where I like to Eat & Drink:

I don’t eat out that much because my house mates are pretty good cooks but I can recommend some pretty tasty takeaways:

Lahore – Great Indian food
Lorinaise – really nice Greek food/tapas etc.
Pizza Cano – THE one for pizzas.


Call Lane is kind of the trendy bar area to go to if you after something a bit upmarket, there’s some cool food places there too but I tend to just drink at Brudenell Social Club though (mentioned above),

Where is the best place to buy music?

Jumbo Records have been running strong since 1971 and have a great hand-picked selection of music as well as being a good place to buy tickets for all local music events.
Also check Waxworks which is built in to the Garage music venue that sells house, techno and disco stuff.

There are also a few great digging spots for all the sample junkies in and around Leeds if you do your research, I would name a few but don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun! Record fairs seem to crop up all the time too so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Best places to shop?

I don’t do a lot of shopping but there this place called Trinity that I hear people come from all over to shop at! There’s some cool pop up shops around too and other places selling independent cloths and art which is really good to see.

Your town only experiences?

Running round in some kind of yeti get up for the lost souls video was pretty fun:

What’s the local expression/saying?

There’s actually sooooo many, mostly all said in an accent like this >>>

“More brass na brains” = More money than sense.

“Were ya born in a barn?” = You left the door open, now go close it!

“’appy as a pig in muck’” = Really happy. – Yorkshire accent!

Sum up your town in three words:

Multicultural, musical, students.

What¹s the best local delicacy/street food/snack?

Yorkshire tea! Yorkshire Puddings! Pastries (there’s lots of bakeries) and last but not least, racing pigeons.

Who is the best local talent in your area?

There’s so much music going on that there is way too much to keep track of. Leeds was a bit of an epicentre in the early days of dubstep and after that came all the Hessle Audio guys (Hessle is actually a set of streets in Hyde park (a popular student area), where those guys where living and there’s also Pearson Avenue (the Pearson in Pearson Sound) and Addison Grove (the Addison in Addison Groove) which are all pretty close.

In the weirder hip hop and beat scene that I’m involved in there’s some awesome artists to keep an eye out for like Busmonitor, Slobadan, Venuq, TMS , Liston, J.angle, Paper Tiger , Hops and Sangria Kong who all have got some amazing projects in the making. Also there’s a talented crew called DS Fam that have been holding it down for years too on the UK hip hop front.

If I was talking about the UK in general though I’d have to give a royal shout out to Crewdson and Laura Bettinson (who make up Eckoclick), Strange U, Telemachus, Dr Zygote, Deft , Soosh and Golden Teacher.

5 Tracks Inspired by your town:

1. Dirty Diggers – For The Haters

“Produced up Leeds, passed out in Hyde Park spitting random letters like I read an eye chart.”

2. Jehst- England

“So plug your ear if you don’t wanna hear the screams,From the dungeon to the Huddersfield of dreams.”

3. Tony Capstick and Carlton Main/Frickley Colliery Band – Capstick Comes Home

A fine introduction into the Yorkshire accent.

4.Braintax & Skinnyman – Opening Titles

“We both came from the city of Leeds, with all those wicked as thieves, we halve the apple for the man to proceed.”

5. LFO – LFO (Leeds warehouse mix)

An absolute banger from the early days of Warp.