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My Town // Bobbito García Presents Harlem

March 25, 2013

“My Town” is a new feature wherein friends and family from around the world give us the lowdown on their home town – favourite bars, restaurants, record shops and more. Forget Time Out – this is the only city guide you need.

Harlem boy born and bred – DJ and pioneer of Hip Hop Culture – Bobbito García lets us know what’s good in Harlem.

Tell us where you like to…


Camaradas (1st Avenue between 115th/116th Street). I’m there the 1st Monday of every month, but basically any night is warm at this intimate venue, plus they serve banging progressive Puerto Rican food!

Chill out:

Any outdoor basketball court during the summer. It’s a world unto itself, and I encourage all to watch Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC, a documentary I co-directed with Kevin Couliau, to get a full understanding of the culture.

 Eat / Drink:

Jado Sushi (Frederick Douglass Blvd. between 114th/115th Street). Too many great restaurant options in Harlem to choose from, but since opening, Jado has been our go to. Friendly staff, great service, amazing music that you won’t recognize, beautiful design, and the owner is as charming as you’ll find.

Where is the best place to buy music?

There’s no vinyl shops in Harlem unfortunately, which sucks! I hit Turntable Lab and Academy downtown in the Lower East Side.

What’s the local expression/saying?

Too many. Harlem invents slang on the daily. A recent one was “Good lookington” which derived from “Good lookin’” which came from “Good looking out” which is a way to say “Thanks!”.  Good lookington has already seen its course and died, though.

Sum up your town in three words…

Innovative, historic, world renowned!

What’s the best local delicacy/street food/snack?

You don’t eat street food in New York if you want to live healthy. Soul Food is the theme in Harlem, and my personal favourite spot is Spoonbread (110th Street between Columbus and Manhattan Avenue).

Who is the best local talent in your area?

My favourite local band is Tato Torres Y Yerbabuena who play Afro Boricua roots music in the form of Bomba Y Plena. Unforgettable live performance.

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