MENU My Town // El G Presents Buenos Aires

My Town // El G Presents Buenos Aires

February 11, 2013

“My Town” is a brand new feature wherein friends and family from around the world give us the lowdown on their home town – favourite bars, restaurants, record shops and more. Forget Time Out – this is the only city guide you need.

Next, El G; DJ and founder of ZZK Records reveals the best bits of BA.

Where is the best place to…


There are a ton of great clubs to find a good party and local talent at. Some of my favourites are: Niceto Club, Konex, Uniclub, MSTRPLN, The Clubhouse, Cocoliche. Also, any parties that Eh Music, Father Figures and Estamos Felices throw, and of course Zizek Club! 6 years and going strong.

Chill out:

Bosques de Palermo, some huge parks in Palermo.  I get together there with my expat and Argy friends for activities such as:  Frisbee, futbol (football), volleyball, relaxing, sun soaking, reading, people watching, biking…A nice little escape from the concrete jungle.

Eat / Drink:

My favourite place of the moment is La Cresta Casa De Spiedo; a take away joint started by an Englishman and his Argentine wife.  Wraps, salads, quinoa, lots of curry inspired dishes, these guys are killing it.

My favourite place to drink would probably be Cafe Dada, a little jazz joint downtown that hosts an eclectic clientèle and makes some good drinks.  I also like the tequila bar La Adorada a lot which is a short bike ride from my place.

Where is the best place to buy music?

Merqurio Disqueria, started last year by 4 independent musicians/DJs for independent Argentine music.  Also, a great place to grab your favourite bands t-shirt, mix tape, vinyl record.  Definitely captures the essence of what a record shop should be.

What’s the local expression/saying?

Oh, too many to name.  Probably: “Para un poco!”  (Hold up!) which you need to say at various moments of the day to everybody going crazy on the street and in the office.  People, myself included, get crazy in Buenos Aires.

Sum up your town in three words

Chaos, Beauty, Culture

What’s the best local delicacy/street food/snack?

Empanada – The Argentine empanada has been reworked, remixed, re-mashed into all arenas. You have your basic fried meat empanada and you have some places taking it to next levels with all sorts of amazing ingredients.  My favourite is probably a shredded fatty meat one (matambre) with green onions at Cumen Cumen.  Or the Catamarca emapandas at La Cocina.

Who is the best local talent in your area?

ZZK Records roster, obviously!  No but seriously, name me a crop of artists doing things with music in Argentina more innovative and fresh than the ZZK crew?

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