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MY TOWN // Presents Berlin

April 15, 2014

“My Town” is a brand new feature where in friends and family from around the world give us the lowdown on their home town – favourite bars, restaurants, record shops and more. Forget Time Out – this is the only city guide you need.

HHV.DE proudly present to you, Berlin.

Ronald & Dave are longtime members of team hhv, running the shops vinyl branch and giving their unique touch to a lot of hhv related things as the in-house label and the upcoming series of beatmaker compilations called KEATS. They are Berlin natives from day one and oldschool buddies from the carefree days of pickup basketball and graffiti writing in the late 90s.
Being always hungry during a busy day at the office they go on a tour to visit a few food staples in the district of Friedrichshain where the new Store, office and warehouse is located. After being a residential area for the working class during the 20th century, Friedrichshain exploded to be a premier spot for tourists of all kinds but still has a few nice long-established spots to get a quick meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

The day usually starts with a roll or two from Vollkornbäckerei Hartwich at Warschauer Str. 72. The best bakery in the area, hands down! Try Apfelbrötchen, you will get addicted!

Just before climbing up the stairs to the office you can grab all the small thing to get through the day from Grünberger Markt at Grünberger Str. 49, usually a Club Mate or two and some fruits. You can get everything from spices to batteries to electric flycatchers. Having a chat with the Asian owners is priceless..

There are a few spots with tradition to get a good snack for lunch and an uncountable number of new spots opening every week. Oldschool spots like the Sudanese Nil Imbiss in Grünberger Str 52 and 3 more spots in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg serve Afro-european delights. Long running Hot Dog Soup in Grünberger Str 69 serves fresh soups (try Mulligatawny!)and hot dogs. Good Arabaian food can be found in Sanabel at Gabriel Max Str 16 and Ali Baba at Krossener Str. 17.

To avoid hypoglycemia in the afternoon you have to visit Kaffeehaus Kuchenrausch at Simon Dach Str. 1. Cheese Cakes galore and a hot Ovomaltine always work well. They also have a small bakery at Wühlischstr 15-16 a few minutes away.

After all the work is done the favored spot to get the daily record-fix is the sparkling new Store in Grünberger Str. 54. 2.500 records are in stock along with a big selection of streetwear and sneakers. The preferred method for Berlin’s office owls is the Store Pick Up. You can order from the huge range of records at the online shop and pick up everything casually at the store the next day. Easy!

Looking for bars and pubs? You can not find NO place to have a drink in Friedrichshain. So why don’t just sit at the median strip of busy Warschauer Straße next to the dead center of Friedrichshain (marked by an ugly artificial rock) and have a Fußpils? You might try Stereo 33 at Krossener Str 24 or the Cassiopeia Sommergarten for another Pils. Maybe you are lucky enough to catch Donald & Rave along with DJ G-Cut at their monthly vinyl only Vinyl Club night there. If you want to leave tourist drenched Friedrichshain and take a trip to Wedding, you can find a few fresh lokations like Panke at Gerichtsstr. 23 and Humboldthain at Hochstraße 46 where talented people like the Project: Mooncircle crew, Figub Brazlevic’s Old School Future Tribe or Ecke Prenz run cosy parties.

Photography by V.Raeter