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Nardwuar The Serviette

September 4, 2008

Through a friend of mine I discovered this guy (interviewer) called Nardwuar (equals silly name).  He’s a Canadian celebrity interviewer and musician from Vancouver.  Even though he looks a bit nerdish, Nardwuar really knows his job.  In 2005 he contributed to a UNICEF benefit song and has an honours bachelor’s degree in history from the University of British Columbia and wrote his honours thesis on the Kennedy assassination.  Ok, that’s a very small introduction to the man.  Now let’s have a look at some of his works, they are very interesting and fun (or should I say annoying?).
Didn’t know the Black Eyed Peas were gangsta like that!  Anyway, there’s tons of funny interviews like that; we should try to hook up one with Gilles (maybe?)