MENU Nikitch // Artist Focus // Brownswood Electr*c 4

Nikitch // Artist Focus // Brownswood Electr*c 4

April 10, 2014

Ahead of the fourth installment of the Brownswood Electr*c compilation, we catch up with the artists through a series of questions about themselves. Here we have for you, Nikitch – listen to his track “Radiated Light” below.

What are you up to today?

I’m just finishing a new remix for an electronic band of friends called “Tambour Battant” for now. Once this one is done, I return on other new tracks in the making… I’ve got this bad habit to multiply projects and songs I’m working on, so I’m most of the time trying to finish stuff I just dropped on ableton quickly. Then if I have enough time in the day I’ll go digging music ..

What did you want to be when you were little?

Now that’s a good question… Honestly I wasn’t very concerned about my future as a child, as long as nobody stops me from doing what I liked.. Detective of Firefighter shit, quite usual for a kid tho.

Describe your music in seven words?

Spontaneous, Colourfull, Intense, Harmonic, Chord-driven, Soft and quite Simple music I think.

What’s your favourite studio snack?

I’m not very difficult… The only law is to keep clean hands for the studio stuff ! But most of the time I’m trying to get a true break time for eating.. Then I can rest my ears and brain before go back to work.

Who is your ultimate electronic pioneer?

There’s so many… I could tell you Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer, La Monte Young… The one I’ve been listening the more so far is Terry Riley. He was playing during entire nights without a piece a silence, making himself uniques instruments based on Yamaha Organs, Saxophones, and selfmades Tape Delay.. My dad has some vinyls of him, and he was listening them when I were a boy. It didn’t notice it at this time, but as an teenager I felt back on this stuff while digging some music.. Then I realized the importance of it.

If you could go in the studio with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

I think I’ll be glad to share some studio with Dorian Concept, or Machinedrum. They’re both putting strongs musical ideas in their production, whithout taking really care of how the people will react to this or that.. Wich make their productions more uniques and interesting to me.

Where can people go to hear more from you?

You can find more music from me on my Soundcloud and more Infos and Gigs Anouncements on my Facebook

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