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Now That’s What I Call BUMPS – Vol. 1 > The LowDown

March 23, 2011

Last night saw the first volume of a new mini mix series cunningly entitled ‘Now That’s What I Call BUMPS’ on Gilles’ show.

The concept? Pretty simple really, there’s so much good music out there, particulary in the Worldwide ‘Beats’ scene, it’s hard for Gilles and us to always keep on top of it all, so we thought we’d throw together a lil selection of short, sharp, easy to digest nuggets from the finest beatmakers  around the globe to wet your appetite and satisfy your ears.

You can check out the whole show on the BBC iPlayer HERE

Now That’s What I Call BUMPS – Vol. 1

- Elaquent – Falling Star (CDR) Toronto

Part of the Gil Breathing Collective, he is a beatmaker from Guelph/Toronto who has been making beats since 2008. He’s released a variety of beat tapes straight from myspace including including “Joints for the Ipod”, “After Midnight” “In Colour vol 1″ “In Colour vol 2″ “In Colour vol 3″, as well as two collaborative albums: “Self I Am” with Bhon (of Audio Ink), and “Godspeed” with Introspect. Elaquent is one hell of a beat maker! Be sure to check out his ill new album ‘The Midnight After‘. Definitely a producer with beats to get your teeth into.

- Sam A La Bamalot - Keep Walking (CDR) Netherlands

Twenty-one year old beat kid from the Netherlands. We don’t know too much about this guy yet apart from the fact that he plays bass in a heavy metal band, has just joined Beat M Up’s Beatbattles in Rotterdam and he creates some serious head knod energy. You can download his old beat tape HERE.

- Darkhouse Fam – Red Leather (White) Cardiff/Barry

Two of the guy’s from Garage producer crew C.R.S.T form the Darkhouse Fam. Currently with an EP out on Fat City.

- Morgan Zarate – Satin White (Boglewaltz) London

By no means a new comer to the scene. Producer, beatmaker, drummer and overall musical connoisseur Morgan Zarate also known as Morgan Spacek has been an influential producer and remixer for years, constantly pushing the sound of future soul. He is one third of the band Spacek.

- Ta-Ku – Sylvia (CDR) Perth, Australia

A recent Redbull Music Academy participant, Reggie ‘Ta-ku’ Mathews is building his hype within the scene and going from strength to strength. Already with a whole host of beat tapes under his belt, Ta-Ku has got a whole bunch of stuff lined up for 2011 including releases with Soulection, Moovment, Darker Than Wax, Project Mooncircle and more.

- Exile – Distopian Utopia (All City) USA

OG LA beatmaker (check his output on the awesome Sound In Color label) and MPC wizard (as regularly displayed in his awesome live shows) - some might say that Exile hasn’t received the props he deserves since the whole LA ting has blown up. He worked the classic producer/MC angles as Emanon (with Aloe Blacc – when he was rapping) and Blu (check ‘Below The Heavens’ LP) and famously made the ‘Pearly Gates’ beat for Mobb Deep which was hands down the illest jam on their ‘Blood Money’ LP. New split 10″ on All City is out v soon.

- Eprom – Chromium Decay (Rwina) San Francisco

BAYYYY ARREEEAAAAAA!! Eprom makes club jams that make you crap your pants. Literally. This in itself isn’t particularly original. The same could be said for a lot of cats. However, in simple terms, Eprom does it better than all those other cats. More personality, more swing and more swagger. Google him.