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February 10, 2009

Ame, he’s probably one of the most vinylminded dudes I know around (you might know the name since he was the guy doing the original Dilla Donuts mix).  He’s a true cratedigger and sells and trades records with people like Madlib, J-Rocc and others but also to Dan The Beatman, you know, the guy compiling the Dusty Fingers compilations.  He’s part of the Antwerp based crew Afterhours and they were the kings of the mixtapes (man, i miss tapes..).  I did a couple with the guys and they were available everywhere, they had a good distribution all over the country and beautiful artworks, mostly done by Sozy One, from Brussels (you might know his latest work for Carhartt).  These are straight souvenirs for me (while i’m typing) and I still can’t understand how fast this era dissapeared, no tapedecks, no tapes (Maxwell, TDK…), Sony Walkman, you know, mixtapes were a part of Hip Hop culture.  Getting nostalgic, anyway, my buddy Ame just started his own online recordstore and I wanted to show him some support.  Expect lots of original material which means super original prices haha.  I used to sell mixtapes but now I’m an ….” – The Nonce