MENU Owiny Sigoma Band // Changaa Attack // The Invisible Remix

Owiny Sigoma Band // Changaa Attack // The Invisible Remix

July 29, 2015

Brownswood are pleased to present The Invisible & Ned Ludds Remixes of Changaa Attack, taken from Owiny Sigoma Band’s forthcoming album Nyanza.

The rapturous Changaa Attack is the perfect follow up to Nyiduonge Drums which has been thrilling dancefloors since it was released in 2011. ‘Changaa’ is the potent homebrew local to the region (it also goes by the name “Goodbye Mum”) and is rumoured to contain Jet fuel. Recorded on the fly in the kitchen at the band’s Air B&B accommodation in Kisumu, Louis commandeered the band commandeered some local kids to chant out the chorus.

Having worked with artists such as Jessie Ware, Matthew Herbert, St Vincent, Hot Chip & many more, The Invisible offer a fresh, techy perspective on Changaa Attack. The remix of Changaa Attack begins with the echoing voice of Joseph Nyamungu featuring synth sounds, reinforcing the electro & dub influences of Owiny Sigoma Band. The subtle synth rhythms added creates a texturally heavy and atmospheric sound.

Ned Ludd’s remix of Changaa Attack presents a heavy, tribal, techno driven track. The track keeps Owiny Sigoma Band’s authentic and raw sounds from the original, yet gradually adds different sounds to create a bass driven weighty remix. This unique remix progressively adds to the prominent drums produced by the Owiny band while featuring more electronic influences.

Changaa Attack will be released on Brownswood Recordings on the 14th August. Their third album Nyanza will be released on the 28th August.

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