MENU Owiny Sigoma Band // I Made You - You Made Me

Owiny Sigoma Band // I Made You – You Made Me

August 25, 2015

This unique band (pronounced: oh-wee-nee si-go-mah) is made up of 3 Londoners:
brothers Louis and Jesse Hackett, and their school friend Tom Skinner and 2 gentleman from Kenya, Joseph Nyamungu and Charles Owoko, both masters of traditional Luo instruments, the Nyatiti and the Nyidoungue Drums respectively.

The 28th of August will bring the release of their 3rd album ’Nyanza’, for which the group were invited to the Nyanza Province of Western Kenya, the Birthplace of Luo music, and homeland of Joseph and Charles, to record and craft the record closely with the roots of Owiny.

The creative process of the Owiny Sigoma Band in the past has been crucially intwined by localities, memories and stories, as well as an element of spontaneity from their jam sessions. ‘I Made You / You Made Me’ sung by Jesse is a track inspired by the birth of his daughter. Stirred by hearing “purely happy” African popular music on the radio and taking early morning walks with gospel emanating from the churches Jesse challenged himself to write a joyous pop song. This track beautifully reflects the ambience and energy of the environments in which it was made, and as well as Owiny Sigoma Band’s raw and organic collaborative process.