MENU Owiny Sigoma Band // New single '(Nairobi) Too Hot'

Owiny Sigoma Band // New single ‘(Nairobi) Too Hot’

March 31, 2016

The latest single to emerge from Owiny Sigoma Band’s third album Nyanza, ‘Nairobi (Too Hot)’ takes the Kenyan capital as its subject matter. It draws on the positive spirit ingrained in Kenya’s musical heritage as much as it does the country’s uneasy present.

In an interview with Dummy following the album’s release, Jesse explained that “I’ve always been interested in pop in one form or another… When I wrote ‘Wires’, it was the first time I’d ever thought to write a song over an African-style thing with the highlife guitar riff and all of that. I think there’s something really joyous and uplifting about their music.”

In ‘Nairobi (Too Hot)’, that musical lineage continues to bear an influence. Sun-flecked guitar lines and call-and-response vocals take centre stage, interspersed with echoing gunshot fire that’s a reminder of the violent tension in the city experienced by the band while there. The single comes backed by a remix from DJ Khalab, where the oft-Clap! Clap! collaborator has produced an acid-tinged re-rub that retains the bittersweet lilt of the original.

The band are touring the UK this May, with support from Arts Council England meaning that they can bring their exciting live show to several locations for the very first time. Following the sad news that Charles Owoko passed away in October, we can announce that Albert Bisaso Ssempeke will be joining the band. Charles was a hugely well-regarded practitioner of the nyiduonge drums which he played in the band, and Albert comes from a suitably esteemed background. Albert’s father was the last “court” musician in Uganda and so he comes from a revered musical lineage to say the least. Head here for full details.

The single is released on the 29th April. Pre-order here.